Association for Computing Machinery

Rocky Mountain Regional Contest

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many teams can be from one institution?

Q. How many people can be on a team?

Q. What languages & platforms will be used for the contest?

Q. What can we bring?

Q. What do you provide?

Q. What problems should we do first?

Q. What do we submit?

Q. How do we edit/compile/run our code?

Q. How do we test our code?

Q. How do we debug our code?

Q. How do we submit a problem?

Q. When we submit a problem, what should we expect back?

If the submission resulted neither in Presentation Error nor in Syntax Error, the judges will first attempt to run the submitted program on the sample input data provided in the problem statements, then on additional input data. Along with any error verdict consequent to running the program, the judges will indicate whether the verdict is based on a run using sample input data or additional input data. In the latter case, it can be assumed that the run on sample input data was successful.

Q. How do we clarify a problem?

Q. How are teams ranked?

Enjoy the contest!