Precalculus Math119

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Week One

Unit Conversion & Dimensional Analysis

The Arithmetic of Exponents

The Arithmetic of Polynomials

Week Two


Composite Functions and Function Inverses

The Graph of a Function

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Week Three

Transformations of Function Graphs

Modelling and Miscellany

Direct Variation and Inverse Variation

Week Four

Math Software & TI Calculator Use

Complex Numbers

Quadratics Polynomials

Week Five

Graphing Polynomials

Polynomial Division

Graphing Rational Functions

Week Six

Exponential Functions

Logarithmic Functions

Modelling with Exponential Functions and Logarithms

Week Seven

Polar vs Rectangular Coordinates, and Angular Measure

Compass Directions, Latitude/Longitude, and Global Positioning

Linear vs Rotational Speed

Week Eight

Exercise-driven review of first-half of the term

Week Nine

Midterm Break

Week Ten

Converting Between Polar & Rectangular Coordinates

Trigonometric Functions

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Week Eleven

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

The Graphs of Trigonometric Functions and their Inverses

Modelling with Trigonometric Functions

Week Twelve

Exercise-driven review of trigonometry

Week Thirteen

Pythagorean Identities and Symmetry

Sum-/Difference-of-Angles & Double-/Half-Angle Formulas

Sum-to-Product & Product-to-Sum Formulas

Week Fourteen

Law of Sines & Law of Cosines

Graphing in Polar Coordinates

Complex Exponentials & Hyperbolic Trigonometry (Optional)

Week Fifteen


Systems of Equations


Week Sixteen

Dead Week

Finals Week

Final Exam Wednesday May 18, 8am–10am