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Randy Phillis

Welcome to the Pinyon Poetry Home Page.

SUBMISSIONS REQUIREMENTS:Pinyon Poetry invites poetry submissions from both established and emerging writers. There are no restrictions on style and subject, although all poems must be original and written in English. Send 3-5 poems with name, address and telephone number on each page. All manuscripts must be typewritten, with no more than one poem per page. Clear photocopies are acceptable. All submissions must include S.A.S.E.; those without one will be recycled. Include a self-addressed stamped postcard if you wish us to acknowledge receipt of your manuscript. We read year-round and do our best to respond promptly.

SMALL PUBLISHERS: We also publish reviews of small press chapbooks. Send review copies to the address above.

SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION: Pinyon Poetry is a national, non-profit journal of poetry. Individuals are our primary financial support, and every penny goes directly to publishing expenses. Our staff is all volunteer.

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Send name, mailing address, and payment to: Pinyon Poetry, Languages, Literature and Communications, Mesa State College, Grand Junction, CO 81502. All subscriptions must be prepaid by U.S. check or money order. Please make checks payable to Pinyon Poetry.

PATRONS: Can you do more? Additional contributions are perhaps the biggest help to us. If you can make a contribution, not only will you receive Pinyon Poetry twice a year, but your name (or the name of your organization, or "anonymous") will be listed on our Patrons' Page at the end of each issue:

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For more information, please contact Randy Phillis, Editor.

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