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Mr. Castleton is a fan of Ernest Cline's Ready Player One", so he create a much simpler adventure for you starting with this word document. Enjoy, be observant and use tools to look at files in a different way see if you can get to gate 3. On 11-18-2016 the link gate is not even built. See if you can solve this before I get the last gate built. Also email me if you get to a gate, some evidence would need to be provided.

Update on Cflag.docx

11/26/2016Parzival(a.k.a.)320,000Gate 2(Before Gate 3 was ready)
04/06/2017CBAwesom(a.k.a.)310,000Gate 2

Update 2. Third gate is constructed. Good luck.

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Current Classes:

CSCI 484 Computer Networks
CSCI 241 Computer Architecture
CSCI 100 Computers in our Society
CSCI 111 Computer Science 1

Previous class materials

CSCI 104 Intro to Computers Hardware
CSCI 110 Introduction to Computer Programming: VB
CSCI 196 Topics: Introduction to Robotics
CSCI 396 Topics: Advanced Robotics
CSCI 333 Syllabus and information page
CSCI 345 Syllabus and information page
CSCI 106/306 Introduction to Computer Hardware
CSCI 106 Web Page Design 1
CSCI 206 Web Page Design 2

Previous seminars and presentatios

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Praxis Practice area
Ubiquitous Recursion
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DARPA NQE Presentation
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