Karl Castleton's Colorado Mesa University Webpage

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Current Classes:

CSCI 100 Computers in our Society
CSCI 206 Web Page Design 2
CSCI 484 Computer Networks
CSCI 241 Computer Architecture

Previous class materials

CSCI 196/396 Introduction to Computer Hardware
CSCI 345 Syllabus and information page
CSCI 106 Web Page Design 1

Previous seminars and presentatios

A list of links to free games?
The GIMP and I?
Model Complexity?
Are you an IP criminal?
Real World Calculus problems
Praxis Practice area
Ubiquitous Recursion
Simple Self-Serving Robot
Fossil finds of the Castleton Family
DARPA NQE Presentation
DARPA NQE 2007 Presentation

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