Bathtub Racing on the Rogue River 1978

First Prize of $2000 may have gone to Ralph Sawyer, don't remember for sure.  Older canoeists will remember Ralph Sawyer from his professional canoe racing days back in Michigan.  He won all the big professional races back in the 50's and early 60's.  In the video Ralph Sawyer is in the red tub with green helmet.  Notice his bent shaft kayak paddle.  I had just returned from taking a 3rd at Nationals in kayak and thought I would do well in this race.  I didn't.  That's me, Jerry, in the picture below with the green helmet and black (unpainted) tub.  The Rogue River is in Oregon.

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These pictures and video captured from 8mm movie film to 8mm analog video then passed thru a 8mm digital video to a computer.